Ahp Alphatig 200 Amp Welder Review

Isn’t it great to have a versatile welder that can weld aluminum, stainless or steel, and cast iron? Indeed. With the versatile AHP Alphatig 200Amp welder, you’ll have to look no further. 

In AHP Alphatig 200 Amp welder review, we’ll discuss more this high-graded welder. The AHP Alphatig is designed in a way that can handle all kinds of welding jobs. 

The AHP Alphatig welder includes some excellent features that provide the best results. Whether you are new to welding or do heavy-duty tasks often, AHP Alphatig has the best solution for you. Let’s find out what else is waiting for you. 

AHP AlphaTIG 203Xi 200 Amp IGBT AC DC Tig/Stick Welder with PULSE 110/220v 3 YEARS WARRANTY
  • High visibility LCD screen
  • will do 1/4" aluminum and 3/8" mild stee and 110/220 volts and is capable of welding 7018, 6013
  • Advanced Inverter Technology with PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) Using IGBT technology
  • quality TIG welding on aluminum, stainless or steel and precise welding of thinner-gauge materials
  • unit features HF start tig and includes a foot pedal for great tig welding control and Operation

Highlights of AHP AlphaTIG 200Amp TIG/Stick Welder

AHP Alphatig welder includes a range of features that sets it apart from others. Take a look.

Power and Performance

If you are a beginner and don’t have a generator, AHP Alphatig welder can be the best option for you. Thanks to its dual voltage features. It can operate on either 110V or 220V, and you can easily change between with a switch. 

Even in 110V, you can get output up to 140A with a smooth ARC. This versatile welder can easily weld ¼” aluminum and 3/8” mild steel with maximum power. Overall, it provides superior performance.

Advanced Inverter TechnologyAhp Alphatig 200 Amp Welder

This professional-quality welder provides the most reliable and long-lasting power. It features advanced IGBT technology that uses PWM (Power Width Modulation). This feature allows you to adjust the pulse of the unit while you work.

2T Vs. 4T

What we appreciate most is that it will enable you to choose between 4T and 2T modes. In 4T mode, you can click on the finger control once to turn on the torch and start welding. Then click it once again to turn off. 

Thus, AHP Alphatig welder starts and operates smoothly that surely gives you serenity. So, you don’t have to buy separate welders as it has two modes. 

Amperage Control

In AHP Alphatig 200amp welder, you’ll get a full range of amperage control. The amperage range for TIG welding is 10-150A at 110V and 10-200A at 220V. 

Similarly, for stick welding, it provides 30-145A at 110V and 30-195A at 220V. With such variation in current, it ensures excellent results in both sticky and non-sticky materials. 

MultipurposeAhp Alphatig 200 Amp Welder

As mentioned earlier, the AHP Alphatig welder can weld different materials, including aluminum, stainless or steel, and cast iron. You can also use the machine to weld thinner materials. On top of that, the welder is perfect for both TIG and stick welding. 


The AHP Alphatig 200A welder includes a torch to use with 6013 and 7018 jobs. Also, it comes with a flexible hose to use the machine without standing next to it. It is not difficult to set up the welder and operate as well. 


This multipurpose welder weighs only 50lbs, which is not heavy at all. You can easily take it anywhere you go. Whether it is regular household welding or outdoor needs, AHP Alphatig is a handy tool. 


We cannot ignore the reasonable price of such all-rounder welders. It’s great about Alphatig that it comes under 1000. Even after dual voltage, dual power, and functionality, this welder comes at an affordable price. 

What Else It Comes With?

The AHP Alphatig 200A welder includes everything you need for the best operation. The welder comes with a foot pedal for TIG welding control and HF start TIG. In addition to this, it includes an upgraded flow meter regulator. 

What We Liked

  • Perfect ARC quality
  • Multipurpose
  • Range of amperage control
  • Easy control
  • Run smoothly
  • Solid construction yet lightweight
  • Great value for the money

What We Didn’t Like

  • Front panel seems confusing for beginners
  • Limited frequency
  • The instruction manual is not clear enough

Who Should Buy This?

The AHP Alphatig is the best option for those who need clean and reliable weld with minimum effort. You can consider buying this if you cannot two afford two separate welders for TIG and stick welding. Even after such versatility, it is still an entry-level welder and not suitable for heavy jobs. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will AHP Alphatig run 1/8 6010 electrodes?

Yes, but not in the right way. You may run 6010 electrodes with this welder but with a lot of care. If any slight shake or long arc happens, the welder will snap out.

Does AHP Alphatig 200A welder have a pulse?

Yes, it includes three pulse settings. They are amperage, frequency, and time.

Can AHP Alphatig weld bronze?

Of course. Along with aluminum, stainless or steel, and cast iron, it can weld other metals as well. You can weld bronze with this welder.

Final Thoughts

No matter what you are going to weld, the AHP Alphatig 200A welder has the solution for all. That’s all for our AHP Alphatig 200 Amp welder review.

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