Amico 160 Amp Dual Voltage Stick Welder Review

Amico 160 Amp Dual Voltage Stick Welder






Ease of Use




Value for Money



  • Model: DC-160A
  • Input Voltage: 115V/230V
  • Output: 25.2 V @115V and 26.4V @230V
  • Duty Cycle: 60% at 160A for 115V and 230V
  • Welding Capability: Stick/TIG/ARC 2-in-1 welder
  • Power Factor: 0.93
  • Full-sized Stick & TIG platform
  • Weight:16lbs

Since the time of establishing, Amico has managed to prove themselves as an expert in the field. Whether it is product quality or customer service, users have appreciated them for what they are all about. 

The Amico 160 Amp Dual Voltage stick welder is one of their most recommended welders. This fantastic stick welder is genuinely a big bang for the buck. Along with dual voltage capability, the Amico power DC 160A offers a slew of other features. 

In this Amico 160 Amp Dual voltage stick welder review, we’ll discuss all of them. Let’s get started.

Highlights of Amico Power DC 160A Stick Welder

The Amico power 160A comes with a lot of features that make it a good competitor of high-end models. Take a look.

Compact yet Powerful

The Amico 160 amp stick welder looks small, but it is more powerful than it seems. It features dual voltage input capability. This gives you the option of running it off 115V and 230V electricity. With this input, it provides an output power of 25.2V and 26.4V correspondingly. 

The power makes the arc more controllable for precise welds. There is a powerful capacitor inside that stores the power. This power later converts to high voltage to save energy. Moreover, it provides a duty cycle of 60% @160A for both 115V and 230V. This is more than enough to handle any type of welding projects. 

Smooth and Strong Weld

Any welder with Inverter technology provides smooth arc and strong weld. Luckily, the Amico 160 Amp also features a modified control module IGBT. It helps to improve the performing capability of the stick welder. Besides, you don’t have to worry about the quality of the weld. It sticks excellent, which comes out with a smooth finish. 

LED Display

This inverter welder shows all the information about weld in digital format in an LED. So, the welder can clearly see the welding status even with the helmet on. Anyone can easily understand the readings. 

Heat Adjustability

The welder is designed for better heat adjustability. It means you get better control over heat coming to the Arc current. More control means better weld. Excess heat will never come in between your welding projects.

Voltage Protection

One of the great features of this Amico 160 amp DC stick welder is its voltage protection. The welder is wholly protected from overvoltage and under-voltage. It also protects the system from overcurrent and overload. 

There is a cooling system inside the welder that inhibits the internal components from overheating. Also, it can handle any type of voltage fluctuation. This is a great attribute to have in a welder. 

Welding Capability

The Amico 160 stick welder is good enough to handle all kinds of metals and alloy. It can weld copper, stainless steel, and mild steel with ease. But, it cannot weld aluminum. 

Electrode Options

Another thing that is not mentioned in the Amico 160 amp DC stick welder review is its electrode option. It can perform various electrode options from the basic electrode function to acid function. 

Various Applications

Lastly, the welder is made for multiple applications. Its high power allows the stick welder to work on both thick and thin surfaces. Also, there is a full-sized TIG and stick platform that lets you perform a stick, TIG, and Arc weld.

What Else It Comes With?

  • 10-feet electrode holder cable
  • Power adaptor 
  • Work clamp cable
  • 3.2mm and 2.5mm welding electrodes
  • User manual

What We Liked

  • Compact size and lightweight
  • Offers smooth and strong weld
  • Highly portable
  • Advanced protection
  • Versatile 
  • ETL compliant
  • Noise-free operation
  • Minimum cooling downtime
  • Less expensive

Things to Improve

  • Cannot weld aluminum
  • Requires gas for welding
  • No regulator is included
  • No foot pedal is included

Who Should Buy This?

The Amico Power 160 amp is a great entry-level stick welder. It can use both the beginner and intermediate welders. 


Does it require a breaker for a 230V circuit?

Yes, it requires a 30 amp breaker for 230V.

Can the Amico 160 amp burn a 1/8” rod?

Yes, it can.

What type of work can I do with this welder?

It's a mild industrial welder, and you can flawlessly do light metal welding tasks.

Final Words

Undoubtedly, the Amico 160 amp DC stick welder is one of the best TIG welders available today. It is useful for learning the basics of welding. There are all the features that you expect from a welder. That’s what we have described in the Amico 160 Amp dual voltage stick welder review.