10 Best Welding Cable Lead Reels that Make Welding a Piece of Cake

If you’re a welder, cable reel is one of the key issues you should be concerned with. Reels are an excellent option to keep the cables safer and make them superbly easy to access wherever you want it. That’s you should get the best welding cable lead reels for a quality welding experience. 

Cable reels are one of the most crucial items that power the welding business. Without these reels you’d be left without a proper cable management tool which would result in a complete mess of cables in the entire site, making it unsafe and complicated at the same time. 

Top Picks 

Best Performance – Weldcote HRMWOT Manual Hose Reel

For outstanding skill, this sturdy alloy steel hose reel is the perfect match. Offers an overall performance making the best hose reel on the list!

Best Budget Welding Reel –  Generic Dual Welding Retractable Hose Reel

For a budget-friendly, cost-effective hose reel, go for this one as it comes at an affordable price range with almost all the desired reel capabilities.

Best Dual Lead Reel – Diamond Lead Reels 

Coming with two reels set up, this dual lead reel by Diamond Lead Reels can certainly prove its performance for those who need it.

Best Brass Reel – Goodyear Welding Hose Reel

If you’re a brass fan then this Goodyear welding hose reel offers a quality performance using brass as its chief material. 

Best Storage Reel – Reelcraft CA32112 

Coming with astounding 200ft long cable storing capabilities this would be a quality item to securely store a large array of welding leads. 

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Best Welding Cable Lead Reels 

So, we have here some of the best welding lead reels you can pick from. We’ll be highlighting both the sides of each one, presenting you with the strengths as well as the minor flaws, painting a complete picture for each reel, and helping you pick the right one among them. 

Diamond Lead Reels- Double Welding Lead Reels

Heavy Duty Double Welding Cable Lead Reel USA Made 10" #1 selling lead reel
  • Lifetime warranty on Steel Construction and workmanship
  • 1 year warranty on spools, bearings and pins.
  • Stays connected to the welder at all times. “Live Reel Setup”
  • 1/2” terminal connections
  • Comes standard with 600 Amp capacity.

The first item in our list is the Double Welding Cable steel Reels, by Diamond Lead Reels. This particular reel comes with tons of possibilities, let’s have a sneak peek of this item. 

The first thing that we’d want to talk about is the air cooling technology it comes equipped with. The reel comes with 1/2 “ terminal connections and a vented construction. Because of the vented circle construction would offer excellent airflow, keeping the leads cooler. 

The brake system in this welding lead reel is also exceptional. Coming with a 

Specially designed manual reels friction brakes offer quality cable management and prevent free spooling. 

On top of that, the locking pull pin present in the setup secures your cables while you’re going for a long drive or during movements. 

Moreover,  The reel uses a durable all-steel construction. Which makes it a heavy-duty item to be used without much care and lasts longer. 

The reel also comes with an astounding 600 AMP power support. With the power, you should be able to get all the welding jobs done nice and easy.

The break needs a bit too much adjustment which is one of its drawbacks but on the whole, this should be an outstanding item to go for any day! 


  • Excellent vented circle construction keeps the lead cooler
  • Manual reel friction brake provide quality management and reduce free spooling issues 
  • Lock up pull pins keeps the cable secured 
  • All steel construction offers stunning durability 


  • The brake may need some adjustments 

Goodyear Welding Hose Power Reel

Goodyear Welding Hose Reel Retractable 1/4" Inch x 50’ Foot Twin Oxygen Acetylene Rubber Hoses STD Duty Max 300PSI Heavy Duty Industrial Single Arm Construction
  • REEL SPECS - This 1/4" inch x 50' foot Welding reel is constructed of heavy gauge Industrial Steel; Twin Oxygen and Acetylene Rubber Hose has 9/16" inch Female UNF (TPI-18) (2b) Brass Fittings, Max 300PSI/20BAR, 1/4" inch (6.35mm) MNPT connections
  • HOSE SPECS - Premium Commercial Twin Oxygen (Green) and Acetylene (Red) Rubber Hose, lays flat, has superior durability and aging stability; Resistant to; Water/Oil, Heat, Weather, Abrasion and works in conditions of -40°F to 140°F (-40°C to 60°C)
  • UNIQUE FEATURES - Dual Brass Swivel joint inlet connection protects against leaks; Stiffening Ribs, Reinforced Flanged Edges, Corrosion-Resistant Powder Coating, Adjustable Hose Stopper and 4 Non Snag Rollers, to reduce hose abrasion; Lead-in hose included
  • INDUSTRIAL DESIGN - Our Reel utilizes a fully enclosed multiposition release ratchet spring locking at any desired length; a steel stamped adjustable single guide arm supports angular pull; L-Shape mounting base with groove reinforcement for stable support
  • SAFETY and PROPER USE - Our reels are best suited for indoor/outdoor use, night or day environments, for DIY or industrial applications, allowing extension to be properly stored, keeping the workplace safe; This reel is Grade R (for Acetylene use Only)

At the 2nd spot in our list, we have the Goodyear Welding Hose Reel. Let’s go and check out this power reels for more details. 

Using specially constructed industrial-grade steel, superior grade steel should offer better durability for the welding cables reel

It’s a hose reel built keeping in mind the real workplace environment. For instance, the Reel is constructed resistant to water, oil, and heat, which keeps it safe in workplace environments. 

The reel also comes equipped with a dual brass swivel joint inlet that helps you prevent leaks. 

On top of that, it uses a corrosion-resistant powder coating on the surface. Which should keep the reel in perfect condition, preventing abrasion. 

Another good thing about it is, this item can be used anywhere, both in and outdoors. It can also be attached or hanged wherever you want to. 

Finally,  the reel has been developed keeping in mind the changes in the weather. It can perform at a staggering cold temperature of -40 C to a hot and humid condition up to 60C!

The spring locking mechanism is also present which stops the reel from any sort of free spooling issues like the Diamond Lead Reels- Double Welding Cable Lead Reel. 

It can be prone to wear, but apart from that, it should offer you a quality service on the whole! 


  • Built using industrial steel for long-lasting performance 
  • Water, heat, and oil-resistant reel survives the workplace 
  • Can survive extreme weather conditions 
  • Corrosion-resistant powder coating reduces abrasion


  • Can be prone to wearing due to long use 

Generic Dual Welding Retractable Hose Reel

50 FT Oxygen Acetylene Dual Welding Retractable Reel w/Hose
  • 200 Psi ¼" Oxygen And Acetylene Twin Hose
  • Industrial Grade Steel Reel
  • Spring Powered Auto Rewind
  • 9/16"x 18 Unf(2b) Brass Female Fittings
  • Multiple Mounting Positions ; 50' Hose Included

Here is another hose reel at the third spot on our list. Let’s find out how it’s going to work out for you. 

One good thing about this item is it comes with an automatic retract function. Built-in spring power action makes it retractable during use which makes working with it ultra-convenient. 

Generic uses heavy-duty Industrial Grade Steel, strictly similar to the Goodyear Welding Hose Reel. The extended durability resulting from the material offers you a longer 

Mounting capabilities are one of the most useful things to be found in a hose reel. It lets you place the reel at whatever position suits the workplace. 

This hose reel comes with ultra-convenient mounting capabilities. You can mount it in multiple positions without much difficulty providing out-of-the-world convenience. 

One thing that can bother you is, you may find it difficult to make it last long under the rough sun. So, working in a balanced environment is suggested at all times. 

Weight is also a contributing factor in terms of getting a quality reel. But with 53 pounds under its belt, this hose reel may seem a bit too heavy on the whole. 

Yet, keeping aside the negatives this can be a decent hose reel you can go for, on the whole. 


  • Auto rewind spring lets the user the 
  • Offers exceptional mounting capabilities 
  • Uses industrial grade steel for improved durability 


  • Can be difficult to be used under extreme heat 

Weldcote HRMWOT Manual Hose Reel 

Weldcote HRMWOT Manual Hose Reel for 100 ft of Twin Gas Hose
  • Manual hose reel for twin welding hose (sold without hose)
  • Will hold up to 100' of twin welding hose
  • Easy mounting bracket for all positions.

At the fourth spot in the list, we have an unbelievably well-received item you can go for. Weldcote HRMWOT Hose Reel is what we’ll unravel right now. 

This reel uses a superior grade material in the construction. Being made with highly durable alloy steel, this reel should offer exceptional tensile strength and maximum durability. Alloy steel is also a quality element that can be used under high temperatures making it a heavy duty reel.

One of the key offerings this hose reel offers is space. It uses incredible engineering which lets it swallow up to 100ft of twin gas hose which is pretty extraordinary. 

On top of that, you’re also getting a mounting bracket along with the reel. This will aid you in terms of getting it attached to wherever you want just like the Generic Dual Welding Retractable Hose Reel, we talked about previously. 

Being made with alloy steel, this reel is extremely light. With a weight of around 12 pounds, this lightweight reel should be an easy item to carry around and transport. 

Like any other item, this one too can be prone to wearing due to heavy and long-term use. 

But, apart from the minor issues like that, if you’re looking for the best reels then this should be a quality option to go for any time!


  • Holds a staggering 100ft twin gas hose 
  • The mounting bracket let’s you install it wherever you want 
  • Uses alloy steel which offers exceptional durability 
  • Being lightweight it’s easy to transport to different locations 


  • Can be prone to wearing 

Reelcraft A5850 Hose Reel 

Reelcraft A5850 OLP 1/2-Inch by 50-Feet Spring Driven Hose Reel for Air/Water
  • REINFORCED STEEL - The robotically welded steel base offers maximum strength and consistent quality.
  • STRESS-FREE SWIVEL - The full flow swivel combines the highest grade seal design and materials with bearing areas to ensure maximum service life.
  • LONG LIFE DRIVE SPRING - Declutching arbor virtually eliminates possibility of spring damage due to reverse winding.
  • QUALITY FINISH - Individually powder coated components offer the maximum protection from premature corrosion.
  • MADE IN USA - Built in the United States.

Next up, it’s the Reelcraft A850 hose reel on our list. Let’s get to know this item in detail. 

The first thing that we’d like to talk about this item is the full flow swivel construction of it. As a result, you’ll have a swiveling experience that comes without any stress or difficulty. Hence, the buttery smooth swivel would make your tasks a lot easier. 

Using a steel construction, this should be a sturdy piece of item to go for. On top of that, the parts of this ultra-strong item have been robotically welded joints which offers out of the world precision and superior strength 

In addition to that,  the reel comes with an extended space of 50 ft of wire. So you can store the cable whenever you’re done using it and spool it out whenever needed.  

Superior quality seal design, matching with the steel construction gives it a longer-lasting service capability. 

Moreover, it also comes with a declutching arbor which prevents spring damage in cases of reverse winding. 

And finally, the reel is powder coated all around the body. As a result, it provides a stunning finish overall and extends the life of the reel to a certain extent

One thing that you could find a bit problematic is the wearing of the reel. It may wear down quicker than expected, thus, better maintenance is advised.

Yet, all things considered, this should be a quality item you can go for any day.  


  • Buttery smooth swiveling experience 
  • Outstanding seal design improves durability 
  • Robotically welded steel construction for a lasting use 
  • Powder-coated finish brings in polished looks 


  • Cabe space could’ve been longer 

Coxreels – Hand Crank Welding Hose Reel

At the sixth spot now, we have the Coxreels’ Hand Crank Steel Welding Hose Reel. Time to learn about the item in full. 

Locally made using superior grade steel components, it’s a super-durable reel you can go, for lasting performance. 

One good thing about this item is, it has been designed for offering convenience. For instance, Because of the dual-ported design with Viton seals, you won’t have to remove the reel to mount it, making it tremendously user-friendly. 

On top of that, the reel comes equipped with CNC spun discs which are ribbed with rolled edges. As a result, the reel comes with better strength as well as protecting the reel.

Similar to the Diamond Lead Reels- Double Welding Cable Lead Reel, the reel comes with a tension brake capability which would let you control it in case of freewheeling. 

Coming at only 16.52 pounds, this reel is equipped with a U shade frame, which makes it easy to transport from one place to the next effortlessly.  

One issue with this is, the brake is made using plastic which can be a matter of irritation for some, as they want heavy-duty materials to cover the entire system.

But keeping these minor issues aside, this can be a quality reel support all in all!


  • Easy reel mounting capability offers convenience 
  • The dual-ported design offers extra safety 
  • The tension brake helps stop freewheeling anytime
  • Heavy-duty steel materials offer extended durability for longer use 


  • Plastic brakes can be a bit flimsy 

RPM Double Fixed Base Welding Cable Reel

  • Stays connected to the welder at all times. “Constant Reel Setup”
  • Heavy-duty manual friction brake is adjustable, allows for adjustable tension and prevents free spooling of leads.
  • Reels are fully rebuildable with full line of replacement parts.
  • Powder coated for a lasting finish
  • Cable capacity per 10” Reel: 150’ of 1/0 cable & 125’ of 2/0 cable

RPM’s Double Fixed Base Lead Reel is our next item on the list. Let’s check out the key benefits it has to offer us. 

It comes with a “Constant Reel Setup” mechanism which reduces the possibility of losing the welder connection and stays connected for a continuous and uninterrupted operation.  

It comes with a brake to stop free spooling like the Coxreels – Hand Crank Welding Hose Reel. Furthermore, it’s also customizable which lets the users adjust the tension. 

The hand cranks present in the reel would offer quality retraction capability. So you get to store all the line back inside the reel instantly without much hassle. 

On top of that, the reel comes backed with powder coating which gives it a sophisticated finish with stunning glazing looks as well as increases the durability. 

One interesting fact about this reel is, it’s fully rebuildable even if you damage one or multiple parts of this item, you can still find replacement parts. This availability of replacement parts makes a highly cost-effective reel that can be repaired whenever it’s damaged. 

Being at 35 pounds this reel may seem a bit too heavy. But, all in all, this should be a quality item to move ahead with at any time. 


  • Continuous welder connection security for long, uninterrupted operation
  • Availability of replacement parts offers cost-effective repair 
  • Adjustable brake reduces the possibility of free spooning 
  • Powder-coated finish for a glazing appearance with durability


  • It May seem a bit too heavy for some users


Coxreels P-WC13L-2501 Spring Rewind Welding Cable Reel: 25' 1GA cable capacity, less cable
  • Spring-driven enclosed welding cable reel for up to 25' of 1GA cable
  • Steel construction for strength and durability
  • 1" solid steel axle and lubricated precision bearings for smooth rotation
  • Multi-position lock ratchet mechanism for securing a desired hose length
  • Made in USA

At the eighth spot in the guide, we have another of the premium Coxreels devices. Let’s look at this item in depth. 

If you’re one of those individuals who finds it extremely irritating when the cables don’t roll out as they should then this would be a quality pick for you. Because it’s equipped with a lubricated bearings system, which offers quality rotation for easy cable rollout. 

Coming with steel construction, this incredible Device is built strong. So, it should offer an extended use period due to its durability and strength.

Plus, it also comes with a locking ratchet which can be used to lock the cables at different lengths for outstanding convenience.

It comes with a sophisticatedly designed cover that can be opened and maintained with ease without unmounting the reel. 

Similar to the RPM Double Fixed Base Lead Reel Comes with a powder-coated finish for exceptional looks and ultimate durability impact. 

Finally, the guide arm/roller outlet arm present in the device would let you mount it anywhere, from walls and floor to vehicle and ceiling. 

Weight here too can be an issue but despite the minor issues, this should still be an outstanding hose reel you can go for any time!


  • Lubricated bearing lets you roll out the cable with ease 
  • Lock ratchet offers better convenience 
  • Adjustable Guide arm lets the user mount it on different sturdy surface 
  • An added cover helps the user maintain the device without unmounting the reel 


  • The weight may seem a bit too much 

ATD Tools 31170 Twin Welding Hose Reel

At the concluding part of our guide, we have the ATD Tools 31170 Twin Welding Hose Reel. Let’s figure this one out right away. 

One of the issues which the welders need to concern with while dealing with hose reels is leaking. But with the genuine brass fittings and O ring seals offer an impregnable quality that would work without leaking.

Much similar to Goodyear Welding Hose Reel’s sturdiness ATD too comes with a heavy gauge steel construction. Which would offer impervious durability.  

Furthermore, the hose reel also comes with an A-5 position roller outlet accompanied with a slotted mounting bolt. As a result, you get a versatile mounting capability to work from almost everywhere, starting from the walls and vehicles to floors and ceilings. 

Moreover, the reel comes with an 8 position ratchet system. This smartly devised system lets you lock the cable anytime, offering better convenience during operation. 

It may have a faster wear time which can disappoint the user. Therefore we’d suggest you use it with proper maintenance and care. 

Yet, keeping the minor negatives aside, this should be an outstanding item on the whole. 


  • Comes with brass construction for a leak-proof design and heavy duty applications
  • Exceptional mounting capability offers convenience 
  • Gauge steel construction for increased durability and lasting use 
  • 8 position ratchet system offers better locking 


  • Can seem to have faster wear duration 

Reelcraft CA32112

Reelcraft CA32112-L Hand Crank Hose Reel for 1/2-Inch Air/Water Hose
  • EASY HOSE REPLACEMENT- The goose neck can easily be removed to simplify adding long lengths of hose to the reel.
  • STRESS FREE SWIVEL -The full flow swivel combines the highest grade seal design and materials with bearing areas to insure maximum service life.
  • QUALITY FINISH -Individually powder coated components offer the maximum protection from premature corrosion.
  • EASY TO ADD TENSION -The T-handle tensioning device allows proper tension to be applied to the spool to eliminate the free spooling of the reel.
  • MADE IN USA - Built in the United States.

The final item on our list is the Reelcraft  CA32112. Let’s have a brief look at this device. 

Materials define the quality of a reel. One of the key things about this reel by Reelcraft is, it’s constructed using superior grade professional grade steel. So, you get exactly what the users can expect: heavy durability with lasting use as a result.  

One good thing about this item is, it comes with a gooseneck design which can be easily removed. It makes it easy to add more cables whenever you need it resulting in out-of-the-world convenience. 

Another positive part about this reel is, the reel comes mostly without much welding and in one part. The frame and the bolted areas aren’t welded so the possibility of finding any cracks in it remains pretty low. 

This one is much similar to the Reelcraft A5850 Hose Reel comes with a powder coating finish. Which will provide a glowing look as well as make it hard-wearing. 

Finally, it’d offer the storage of an unbelievable 200ft 1/2-inch cable. You can use it on any site you like with such great lengths. 

Getting it fitted to a regular water hose and similar items may seem like a tough job. But it can be fixed. 

And despite the minor issues, this should offer a decent overall performance to make life easier.


  • Gooseneck design makes it easy to add new cables without hassle 
  • Industrial grade steel construction offers exceptional durability for long-lasting service
  • Non-welded body parts reduce the possibilities of cracks and breakages 
  • Comes with an unbelievable 200ft cable holding space 


  • Some may find it difficult to get it fitted on the water hose and similar items 

Types of Welding Cable Lead Reels 

Welding cable lead reels are of two types. Here are the two different types of cable lead reels. 

Manual Conduction 

Manual Conduction 

Manually usable reels are known as manual conduction reels. It’s one of the most used and traditional sorts out of the two. The main reason for getting such types is its cost-effectiveness. 

Just as the name suggests, this sort often requires painstaking measures to be taken. Plus, it also takes a large amount of time to get it working. 

Power Conduction  

Power Conduction  

Power-conducted reels rely on electric power to work. One of the key offerings of this particular type is, it offers an effortless and less time-consuming operation without the hassles. 

But it’s not as cost-efficient as it may require additional cost. Furthermore, as you’d always need to be connected to an electric power source, it lacks transportability to a certain degree. 

How to Use Welding Cable Reels 

Using the welding cable reels is no big deal. First, you’d need to unlock the cables if there are any brakes or pins involved. The reels need to be connected to the power to function. 

Then the reel has to be rolled out by pulling it. Lubricated can be pulled down easily. 

You can use the mounting brackets to get it installed on the desired area you like. Floor, ceiling or the car you use for work, you can get them mounted anywhere. 

When you’re done operating, use the hand crank to roll back the cables and store it. Use the brake or pin to secure it while traveling, so the cable doesn’t get free winding cables. 

Benefits of Using Welding Cable Reels 

Here are some of the key benefits of using welding cable reels. 


Cable reels can be transported easily from one place to the next without much difficulty offering excellent versatility. 


Most of the cable reels we talked about come with steel construction and powder coating on top of it, making them a dependable pick.  


The best lead reel can store 100 to 200ft of heavy-duty cable in the most compact way possible, minimizing the possibility of tangling, mismanagement, and accidents. 

Things to Consider Before Buying Welding Cable Reels

Things to Consider Before Buying Welding Cable Reels

Here are a few things you should consider so that you can get the best welding cable lead reels. 


One of the key things that any expert will look at while getting cable reels is the material. Steel is the most commonly used material which is strong. Further, we’d suggest you get the best sort of steel possible i.e Alloy steel or Industrial grade steel. 

These are particular sorts that are stronger and should last longer than their regular counterparts. That’s why we’d recommend you to find reels that use Alloy Steel and if not, then go for the industrial welding steel.


What sort of coating you’re getting on the devices is a key consideration as well. In this case, powder coating is more likely to be used by the manufacturers. It’s good at giving your reels a glaze and it also enhances durability. 

So, find the reels that come with this coating on their surface. 


Portability is another key consideration. Weight is the primary factor that plays a role here. If you’re using it on the back of your car then it’s okay to have heavier devices. Apart from that, lighter reels should offer better portability in general. 


Flexibility too is crucial in terms of choosing the best welding cable lead reels. How quickly the reels move can greatly influence flexibility. Lubricated reels are faster and would offer a smooth swiveling experience. 


Finally, as you’re dealing with welding equipment, safety is a primary feature that requires much attention. One of the key issues you should prioritize is the brake mechanism of the reel. 

Adjustable brakes let you adjust the tension to your desired rate. Plus, the safety breaks can also stop free spooling and secure the cables while transporting it.   

Well, these are the few factors you should be looking at. If you’re able to get a device that fulfills the above-mentioned criteria, we’re positive that it’d be a decent one to go for any day. 


What is the difference between a reel and a spool?

Reels are devices that are used to revolve and collect the welding cable in one spot. While the spool usually refers to the fishing lines.

What size welding leads do I need?

Getting the #2/0 cables can be a quality pick for welding.

How long should my welding leads be?

You should get welding leads between 100-200ft which would cover a substantial area.

How do you extend welding leads?

You can use welding lead connectors to extend the lead length.

How do you attach welding leads to a welder?

First, connect the ground clamp and attach the welder to the welding leads. Finally, connect the work lead on the negative. Now, plug in to start using.

Final Thoughts 

Well, throughout the entire guide our extensive analytic spectacles talked about some of the most effective performing lead reels. Besides their strengths, we also highlighted their downsides and offered helpful commentaries on each item. 

Amongst the reels, you can go for the Diamond Lead Reels- Double Welding Cable Lead Reel for exceptional dual reeling capability with performance. 

And in terms of getting quality hose reels, you can get the Weldcote HRMWOT Manual Hose Reel for a decent outcome. 

Cable lead reels are one of the most used equipments for welders. They offer you quality wire management, get things in order, and provide you with ultimate convenience, on the whole! 

So, what are you waiting for then? Get the best welding cable lead reels and start rolling right away!

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