Best Budget Welding Helmet Reviews with Buying Guide

Best Budget Welding Helmet Reviews with Buying Guide

If you are frequent welder, then at some point, you have faced the problem of getting your money’s worth off the gear that you have purchased. Welding helmets are expensive.

Cheap ones are not up to the task. But that doesn’t mean there is nothing for the budget welders. In fact, there is a large variety of products available at stores, and it is more often a customer gets overwhelmed with the choices laid out in front of them.

This list contains the best budget welding helmet out there that won’t break your bank, give you enough protection, and has the basic features one needs to complete the task at hand.

Selecting the right product is a crucial factor because it involves the major issue of safety, and at the same time, you wish to save money rather than making a significant expenditure.

Therefore, after extensive research, we compiled a catalog of the best welding helmet for the money, followed by a definite buying guide to aid the readers.

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Top 10 Best Budget Welding Helmet

To make the tedious process of selection much simpler on you, here is a list of ten of the best budget welding helmets that are available in the market.

1. Antra Welding Helmet AH6-260-0000

Antra Welding Helmet AH6-260-0000 Under 50$
Best for Under 50$

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Prolonged exposure to the ultra-violet radiation while welding can cause severe inflammation to the cornea. Hence, it is necessary to be appropriately equipped with the appropriate welding helmet to prevent such disastrous occurrences of health code violations,

This one is the best welding helmet for the money. It is built to handle heavy-duty industrial-grade welding. Therefore, it can be used for DC and AC TIG, plasma cutting, MIG and MAG, as well as wheel cutting.

It has four arc sensors that provide automatic shading and are lined with units that swiftly control and detect any traces of harmful radiations. Thus, reducing a large amount of stress on your eyes and also protects your cornea.

There is an external switch available on the helmet that helps you to switch from grinding to welding while you are working.

It has a passive filter with constant shade. More so, the LCD shutter dims automatically and has multiple layers that shield you against Ultra-violet and infrared radiations. Besides, there is an interference suppression unit that detects and avoids any false triggering due to ambient or sunlight.

The helmet is lightweight and decreases the pressure on the neck and forehead, which is tough to find in most of the other products available at stores. Also, it not only covers the head, but it protects the neck from accidents also. Because the helmet contains an auto-darkening lens, you don’t have to flip your hood all the time.


  • Contains double-layered auto-dimming LCD and passive filters
  • Has an external switch to change from grinding to welding effortlessly
  • Interference suppression unit to prevent false triggering
  • Lightweight and full head to neck coverage


  • At times the hood may fall unexpectedly

2. Antra Welding Helmet AH7-860-001X

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If you wish to maintain the standard code of health and safety at work, then it is of utmost importance to be equipped with the proper gadgets.

Antra welding helmet is fitted with an automatic lens and passive filter with permanent shade 13 to infrared and Ultra-violet radiation that provides an adequate range of darkness. In addition to this, to increase its effect, it is coupled with a double-layered auto-dimming LCD shutter.

If your works consist of intricate details, then this is the one that you would wish to opt for because of the larger viewing screen. It will not only increase your range of viewing but also improve your productivity and precision on your project.

Apart from this, four arc sensors are fitted with controlling and detecting units that instantaneously regulate the swift switching time. Also, there is inference suppression technology available that prevents any chances of false triggers that may occur due to sunlight.

Welding is a very tedious and time-consuming process, for which you are required to wear the helmet for long hours. For resolving this issue, the helmet is manufactured to be lighter to relief the stress caused onto the neck and also increase the level of comfort.

The helmet covers both your head and neck to avoid getting any injuries from the spatter on your body. There is an external knob setting attached to the side of the helmet.

This feature allows adjusting the sensitivity according to your convenience, and the helmet is perfect for DC and AC TIG, MMA/Stick welding and MIG/MAG applications.


  • Passive filter with auto-dimming LCD shutter provides a broad range of shade
  • Has a large screen to increase the viewing area
  • Comfortable and lightweight; decreases the pressure on the neck
  • External knob available to adjust the sensitivity


  • The battery is non-rechargeable

3. Jackson Safety Insight Variable Auto Darkening Helmet

Best for Under 100$ and Auto Darkening

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One must, at a time, work in harsh environments where you are regularly exposed to harmful radiations or metallic spatter. In such a situation, Jackson Safety Insight Variable Auto Darkening Helmet is one of the most excellent choices you can make.

The helmet meets the ANSI Z87.1+ standards and is compliant with safety and accountability measurements. Four auto-dimming sensors can detect any instantaneous changes and keep you from being exposed to abrupt flash blasts while working.

To accommodate for tight spaces; the mask is designed in a narrower model with a thin shell. It is lightweight, thus, reducing stress on the neck and is fitted with a lens that can provide a range of shade from 9 to 13. This helmet is ideal for TIG, arc, and even MIG welding.

All the controls available in this product are separate and digital. So, you can customize your delay and sensitivity settings as per your comfort and requirement. Also, it is adaptable, and there are dual modes available on this helmet for welding and grinding.

The Auto Darkening Filter allows you to work under given circumstances. It automatically adjusts itself, in terms of shade and sensitivity, to the given working conditions. Also, it is less sensitive to sunlight, so you don’t have to be concerned about the false triggers.

A small screen can limit your area of vision and increase your workload exponentially. The helmet comes with a wide viewing area to avoid this scenario from happening. With this, you can focus on your work at a better rate.


  • Lightweight and is fitted with a lens that provides a broad range of shade
  • Perfect for TIG, arc and MIG welding
  • Digitalized and separate controls
  • Auto-Darkening Filter with a more comprehensive viewing screen


  • Maybe a little heavier than expected

4. Miller Electric Welding Helmet

Miller Electric Welding Helmet Under 100$

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The Miller Electric welding helmet is one of the must-haves for every welding enthusiast. It is, in fact, the best welding helmet under 100, making it a very reasonable purchase for any regular welder.

It has a dual power source supply, solar, and battery. The solar power battery lasts up to 2000 hours and can be recharged quickly by the natural light. As for the standard battery, all you would require is two AAA ones.

One of its unique features is that there is no physical switch on the helmet. The power on/off is automated, so it automatically switches on when you begin working and automatically switches off after use. So, there won’t be any incidents where you forget to switch off the power of your helmet.

There are two arc sensors placed on the viewing screen which detects the sudden outbursts of flashes. Auto Darkening Filter also accompanies it, and the controls to the filter are analogous. The gear has a lens shade of the range 3, 8 to 12, which is most suitable for TIG and MIG applications.

The helmet has a much larger viewing screen so that you may have a better view of your project at hand. The ratchet is made up of nylon, which increases the level of comfort in situations where you are required to wear the helmet for hours.

Apart from this, the helmet is light to wear and meets the ANSI Z87.1+ standard. It has sensitivity and delay controls, which you can set as per the demand of the work or the project. Besides, the mask also contains a magnifying lens holder, five on the outside, and an additional two on the inside.


  • Well suited for TIG and MIG applications
  • Automatic ON/OFF power control
  • Dual power supply – solar and battery
  • Lightweight and has two arc sensors


  • The screen may fog up at times

5. Tanox Auto Darkening Solar Powered Welding Helmet

Tanox Auto Darkening Solar Powered Welding Helmet Under 50$

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It is quite rare to come across a gadget that is used in the various industrial sectors, such as construction, food and beverage, oil and gas, and even military, to be available at stores. Tanox auto darkening welding helmet is one of such gadgets made available to customers everywhere.

This particular headgear is well-suited for any MMA, TIG, arc, plasma, or MIG working projects or experiments. It meets the ANSI Z87.1 and EN379 standards of safety. It contains lithium batteries, which would last for up to two years, after which the batteries are easily replaceable; you’ll also find solar cells included.

The helmet prevents its user from being exposed to ultraviolet and infrared radiations because of its 1/1/1/2 optical class rating. The viewing screen is large enough for the welder to analyze and work from various angles. Also, there are four premium arc sensors fixed on the viewing screen.

There are two knobs on the outer surface to adapt to the sensitivity. Along with this, the ON/OFF power for MAG/CO2, MMA, grinding, and TIG is fully automated coupled with a range of shade from DIN 4/5-9/9-13 and a self-check Auto-Darkening Filter. Also, there is a low volume alarm attached to the headgear.

Apart from the helmet, the package contains an extra set of lenses cover along with a pair of welding gloves.

The gloves are full-length, flame retardant, and sewn with Kevlar thread. Both helmet and gloves are designed in a manner that provides comfort to users for an extended period. At the same time, it protects them from any accidents.


  • Automated ON/OFF power for MAG/CO2, MMA, grinding and TIG
  • Lithium battery and solar cells available
  • Extra lens covers and welding gloves included
  • Auto-Darkening Filter with four arc sensors and sensitivity knobs are attached to the helmet


  • Viewing screen may stay dark for a few minutes longer after the welding is completed

6. Jackson Safety Insight Variable Darkening Welding Helmet

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If comfort, style, protection, and efficiency is on your list of preference then, then Jackson Safety Insight welding helmet is the one that shall fulfill the quota for what is essential in the selection.

This helmet is an equipment that is well suited for the performance of professional needs and is available at a reasonable price. It is preferable for TIG (Tungsten inert gas) welding, stick welding, and also for arc welding. It can also be recommended to be used during the grinding process.

It comes with an Auto-Darkening Filter, which provides a broad range of shade, namely from 9 to 13. The four separate arc sensors placed on the face of the viewing screen allows the filter to change shades almost instantaneously as per the needed adjustment.

In addition, the shell of the headgear is very light so that you may work effortlessly and experience no possible discomfort on your neck. Also, the helmet has a viewing screen, which is broader than a standard one. This feature allows you to analyze your work from different angles, and you don’t have to lift the hood every time.

The controls present on the inside of the hood are digitalized. Thus, making the helmet comfortable to operate even before referring to an instruction manual. It has separate individual settings for delay and sensitivity adjustments, which can be customized to accomplish the task at hand without any hindrance.


  • Perfect for TIG, stick and arc welding as well as for grinding purposes
  • Digitalized controls for operation
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Customizable delay and sensitivity settings as per need


  • Long hair may get attached to the straps

7. Fibre-Metal Pipeline Fibreglass Welding Helmet

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When you are working on a budget and need a welding gear that can not only simplify your work but at the same time provide you with optimal comfort, then Fibre-Metal Pipeline Fibreglass Welding Helmet is one of your best options.

This headgear is exclusively manufactured for the applications of pipe welding. It sets itself apart from the regular helmet by the following, and it is fashioned in such a manner that it permits access to little places that are tough to reach otherwise.

Built with advanced technology, the SuperGlas Plus makes the helmet resistant to collision and also allows it to withstand harsh working conditions.

Apart from having a smooth exterior, the helmet is light in weight, which makes it for you to wear for long hours. Also, the rubber headband can be customized to be offset and fit accordingly to your level of comfort.

In addition to this, the gear is resistant to fire and water. The free-floating arms reduce the pressure points on the head and make this even more comfortable during long working hours.

Also, the headband has many options for adjustments for different working positions. Besides, it also makes the hood more stable and creates the right balance while wearing.

The welding helmet comes with a Shade 10 lens, which protects the user from any exposure to infrared or ultraviolet radiation. The clarity of the lens is impeccable, and it allows you to see your work without any obstruction.


  • Perfect for pipe welding
  • Sports Shade 10 lens and protects against infrared and Ultra-violet radiations
  • Rubber headband with many adjustable options
  • Floating arm reduces pressure points


  • The hood paint may not be customizable

8. Instapark ADF Series GX9907 Solar Powered Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

Instapark ADF Series GX9907 Solar Powered Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Under 100$

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It is always in the best interest of the welder to choose for a welding helmet that would not be comfortable but also have a proper backup of power supply. The Instapark ADF Series GX9907 welding helmet is one among them.

You can use this particular helmet for various kinds of industrial or home projects such as MIG welding, stick or arc welding, and TIG welding. The equipment is made out of advanced material that, in turn, makes it more long-lasting and is light in weight.

There are four arc sensors that can detect any sudden changes and then signals the Auto-Darkening Filter embedded to the helmet. The filter then adjusts to the necessary shade required to protect your eyes from outbursts of flashes.

The Auto Darkening Filter, in this gear, is available in eight different shades, ranging from 5-13. The resting shade remains in a standard setting of 4. A dual supply powers the helmet, there are solar cells attached to it, and in addition to this, there is one replaceable CR2450 battery available.

Furthermore, the viewing screen is the widest among the other series available. Ratcheting headgear of this equipment increases the comfort of the user. Apart from all the above features, not only is the helmet well-padded on the inside, but the filter also has a speedy switching time.

Usually, in a typical helmet, controls for adjusting the sensitivity, dark state, and the offset of the delay are present on the inside. However, in this series, it is available on the external body of the gear. So, you can work without any interruptions.


  • Preferable for projects such as MIG welding, stick or arc welding, and TIG welding
  • Lightweight along with wide viewing area
  • Dual power supply, solar cells, and one replaceable CR2450 battery
  • A broad range of adjustable shades available


  • The solar cells may take a long time to charge

9. iMeshbean Pro Cool Solar Auto Darkening Welding & Grinding Helmet

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This welding helmet from iMeshbean is one of the most cost-effective solutions available in the market that is preferred by most customers.

The helmet is equipped with two arc sensors on the front plate, with the solar cells adjusted right above the viewing screen. You can use sunlight to charge the battery and also by the flashes during welding. The viewing screen is of optimal size, which eases your work and increases productivity.

Apart from this, the headgear itself is very light in weight and has two adjustable knobs, one on each side. There is a head button at the back, on the ratchet headband. Therefore, you can adjust it according to your level of comfort.

Another significant consideration, the gadget is manufactured to the standards of ANSI Z87 and CE. The gear is best during MAG, MMA, TIG, plasma, and stick welding. In addition to this, the helmet comes with two additional pieces of the protective lens.

Also, there is a transparent protective plate attached on top of the screen that wards off any projectile scum, oxidation, or even splash.

The Auto Darkening Filter is adjusted to a resting shade of 4 and is provided with a range of shades from 9-13. The receptivity of the filter is very quick and can change swiftly per sudden outbursts of flashes. It is thereby protecting the cornea from harm. It also protects against UV/IR radiation.


  • Two additional protective lenses included
  • Lightweight with adjustable knobs and ahead button
  • Optimal viewing screen
  • Solar batteries available, no extra battery needed


  • Has soft plastic and sticker on top

10. Solar Powered Welding Helmet

Check Today’s Price on Amazon

It is always convenient to have a headgear that is not only reliable but is also available on a budget. For this, the Solar Powered Welding Helmet is one of the prime choices for you. The welding helmet is light in weight; therefore, it puts the least amount of pressure on your head and neck.

There are three knobs present on the ratchet headband so that you can adjust the helmet as per your preference. Also, the hood of the mask can rotate 180 degrees. The headgear is equipped with a large viewing screen and allows you to have proper clarity in vision while working.

In addition, the auto darkening filter attached to the hood has a range of five different shades. The filter almost automatically adjusts to any particular working conditions. Its natural light state is set at DIN4, and it comes with advanced color recognition technology.

This specific helmet is most suitable for Arc Gouging, MMA, TIG, Plasma cutting, MAG/ CO2 applications. You can also use it in various industries such as construction, metal production, automotive, mining, and even in the food and beverage industries. The gear is built per EN379 and ANSI Z87.1 safety standard.

There are two power supplies for the mask, one lithium battery, and solar cells. The solar cells are quite easily rechargeable by the ambient light. The batteries allow the helmet to be in working condition for up to 5000 hours.

It protects Ultra-violet to 16 levels of shade. Also, it has a swift and adjustable turning time from light to dark in under one second.


  • Solar cells and lithium cell extend battery life up to 5000 hours
  • Lightweight with an adjustable headband
  • Five range shades available in the auto-darkening filter
  • Protects against Ultra-violet radiations


  • After extended use, the adjustment knobs may need tightening

Things to Consider Before Buying

Before making a decision, there are certain elements of a welding helmet you need to keep in mind. For the extensive readers looking for the most efficient equipment, we designed a list of things to consider before purchase. Let us have a look.

  • Viewing Screen

Having a large and panoramic screen on the hood of the helmet will cut short your long working hours by a lot. With an optimal viewing area, you can speculate your work from many different angles without regularly lifting the hood at all times.

Therefore, the larger the screen, the better it is for you. Keeping that in mind, a screen which is approximately 3.6 inches wide and of about 2.2 inches tall should allow you to have a proper view. Apart from this, the clarity of the screen is also a factor that cannot be overlooked.

Most of the cost-effective welding helmets contain this feature. Their viewing screen has clarity of the highest quality, and at the same time, they protect against exposure to ultra-violet radiation, which mostly occurs during electrical shortages.

  • Level of Comfort

Welding is a long and time-consuming process for which the helmet must be kept on for an extended period. For this, the first and foremost thing that any user needs to consider must be the weight of the helmet. Any helmet that is even slightly heavier than usual can end up putting a lot of unwanted stress on your head and neck.

So, to avoid any health-related complications on your body, buying a helmet made up of advanced lightweight materials is very much needed. Then, comes into consideration, the gripping ability of the helmet. Usually, all the welding headgears available have two adjustment knobs.

Using these adjustments knobs, you can adjust it according to your level of comfort. However, it can so happen that while the helmet is being worn for long hours, it can lead to the creation of pressure points on your head and thus cause unnecessary discomfort.

So, to prevent this from happening, the ones with ratchet headbands have an added third knob at the back of the head to alleviate the pressure points off your head. Therefore, this makes the working experience more comfortable. Also, it would be more comfortable if the headband itself isn’t constricting its wearer.

Next, the hood of the equipment must be able to rotate up to 180 degrees so that it doesn’t restrict your vision when you lift the hood. At the same time, it is better to ensure that they stay at the positions that they are lifted, instead of slipping off and closing upon the face.

  • Auto Darkening Filter

All the welding helmets have a fixed resting shade. Most of them are accompanied by an Auto-Darkening Filter, which can provide a range of shade coverage that varies from helmet to helmet.

This particular feature comes in handy as it can automatically adjust itself when the arc gets hit.

Depending on the intensity of the arc, the filter changes to needed shade; therefore, saving you the time and effort of changing it manually all the time. An average filter covers a range of 9 to 13 typically. Some may go up to the shade of 16 even during electrical shortages.

  • Safety

Safety becomes one of the primary factors to be taken into account when you are buying a welding helmet. Hence, it is a necessary action to check if the helmet that you are investing in meets the essential standard issue. The most reliable of the ones are of ANSI Z87.1 standard.

Welding can significantly affect the cornea of the welder. The Ultra-violet and infrared radiations emitted during the welding process can, over time, cause severe pain and irritation to the eyes. It can also lead to unprecedented levels of sensitivity towards the ambient light, which eventually leads to an arc eye or welder’s eye.

Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you ensure that your helmet meets the standard issue of safety and health. Afterward, you can make up your mind for purchasing a particular welding helmet of your choice.

  • Body Protection

When you are welding, it is not just your eyes or face that requires protection. The neck also needs to be protected from any metallic spatter or sparks while welding. So, choose a helmet that provides full-body coverage of the head and the neck as well.

  • Delay Settings

Another feature that is left unnoticed is the lag or rather the delay of the Auto-Darkening Filter in switching from one shade to another. A welding helmet must have a broad range of shades to accommodate the continually changing intensity of the arc. However, it is also essential to check for the delay settings as well.

Usually, a delay setting of a helmet can be from 0.1 to 1.0 seconds. This feature is interconnected to the sensors which are set on the front screen that detect the changes and then allow the swift shift in shades.

The more the sensors, the better are the odds of instant detection. It is more advisable to equip yourself with a gear that has a quicker reaction time.

Also, in some of the available helmets, there is an added interference suppression feature. This aspect reduces the sensitivity towards any ambient light or light source of any kind. This feature is helpful as it avoids the scenario of the shades changing without any essential purpose.

  • Battery Life

While purchasing any electrical equipment, the battery life of it is a critical attribute that always in the mind of its buyer. It is convenient for a welder if the helmet that they are working with has the option of solar panels on them. A helmet typically needs AAA batteries for its power supply.

In several helmets, there is a dual power supply, of which one is from the AAA batteries, and the other is from the solar cells. Having the solar cells allows the gear to be in working condition for as long as 2000 hours.

It also doesn’t require any additional time for charging, and it gets recharged from the arc light or the workplace while you are working.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. On average, what is the length of the working duration of an auto Darkening helmet?

Most of the helmets last up to 2000 hours on an average. However, this mostly depends on how long the helmet is being used for, and on the number of essential occasions. Also, depending on the power supply, the duration will change.

2. Do all welding helmets need batteries?

Most of the helmets come with dual power supply. In such a case, it requires AAA batteries and has solar cells, which simultaneously recharges while working.

3. While using a helmet, what do we need protection from?

A professional welding helmet protects against any radiation, sparks, or flash burns that can happen while working.

4. How to wear a welding helmet?

A helmet has two adjustable knobs, each on two sides, and, in most of them, there is another knob at the back of the headband. So, you can adjust it in the manner you like.

5. Which helmet is suitable for MIG welding?

The welding helmets that have a larger viewing screen is best suited for MIG. It will protect from radiation.

Final Words

It is quite easy to end up with a product that is cheaper by the rate but ends up costing you more at the end. But by tallying your needs and budget along with the products mentioned, you can rest assured of having purchased a product with satisfactory results.

We hope our review of the best budget welding helmets was informative. Our team wishes you a happy shopping.

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