EVERLAST PowerARC 140 TIG/Stick Welder Review

Do you wish to get a TIG welder along with optimum flexibility and performance? Look no beyond, Everlast PowerArc 140 stick welder is what you need. Now you can say goodbye to those costly, high-powered welders. 

This Everlast PowerArc 140 stick welder review best describes why you should buy this. First of all, this welder can deal with the heavy load without any hassle. This PowerArc welder has both TIG and stick welding capabilities.

Everlast Powerarc 140 stick welder has a lot more specialty. You should have a look at before investing in any random one. Our Everlast Powerarc TIG/Stick welder review includes in-depth features and specs. 

2020 PowerArc 140ST 40 Amp Arc Stick Lift Start TIG Welder, IGBT, Dual Voltage 110/220v
  • Compact and portable with carry case
  • Lift TIG function with standard 17 series gas valve torch
  • Simple easy to use
  • Auto adaptive hot start

Highlights of Everlast Powerarc 140 TIG/Stick welder

Everlast Powerarc 140 stick welder is a good machine that delivers everything you need to start welding. Here are a few facts that set it apart.

Energy Efficiency

The first thing that makes this welder popular is its excellent energy efficiency. It can conserve a lot of energy than most other welders. You don’t have to worry about your energy bill while using it.

TIG and Stick Capable

Like we mentioned above, Everlast Powerarc 140 stick welder is capable of both TIG and stick welding. This versatile welder offers more chances. It provides a steady, consistent arc to ensure clean beads. 

The arc seems stable even down to 10A. Like other stick welders, it uses 1/16” to 1/8” thick electrodes. With this, it can weld up to 3/16” plate metal in one pass. 

IGBT Inverter Design

Another best of this welder is that it has two distinct welding power sources, inverter and transformer. The inverter option provides Everlast Powerarc 140 excellent portability. 

Its IGTB technology converts utility power to high voltage and stores it to the capacitor bank. Then switch it to the transformer through a controller. It not only saves on energy but also provides more control over the unit. 


This inverter-based welder is relatively lightweight than most welders. It also comes with a carrying bag with a handy strap. You can easily take it along with you.

Also, for quick and easy storage, it includes a convenient carrying case. The small size and lightweight makes the welder portable and easy to store.

Excellent Arc Quality

Even after being portable, this welder has the same arc quality as commercial machines. It gives you the ease to use the welder to use for many welding jobs. Everlast Powerarc 140 offers superior arc control with both stick and TIG. 

To support you with stick welding jobs, it includes an auto-adaptive arc and auto-adaptive hot star force control. 


Everlast Powerarc 140 stick welder comes with a user-friendly digital display. It shows the information and other settings. This is a plus point for the novice user as they can set the control easily. 

Apart from this, the machine doesn’t contain too many knobs. A single knob allows the user to set the controls with ease. You may also want to use a gas regulator with the machine. 

Lift Start

In most high-frequency starting welder, there is a chance for interference with surrounding electronics. Luckily, Everlast Powerarc 140 is an exception here. Its lift start feature makes it easier for beginners to start and operate the machine without interference. 

Variable Dual Voltage

Like most best-quality welders, Everlast Powerarc 140 stick welder features dual voltage capability. It operates on 120V and 240V. Through its unique adaptive technology, you can switch between two voltages safely. 

In dual voltage, it ensures a solid duty cycle. The welder has the same cycle of 35% at both voltages. 

Easy Setup and Use

With a straightforward control panel, you can use the unit with ease. You only need to decide whether you are a welding stick or TIG. By pressing a button, you may choose between TIG and Stick. Also, you need to turn a knob to change the amperage.

What We Liked

  • Variable power option
  • Better arc quality
  • Flexible and portable
  • Versatile
  • Easy starting
  • High duty cycle
  • Energy efficiency
  • Dual-purpose machine

What We Didn’t Like

  • Not meant for heavy-duty jobs
  • Foot pedal operation is not included

Who Should Buy This?

Everlast Powerarc 140 is considered as an entry-level welder. It’s an excellent option for beginners looking for their first welding machine. Also, anyone who looks for a portable unit, this welder can be their option.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I weld aluminum with Everlast Powerarc 140 stick welder?

No, this welder operates on DC only. So, it cannot weld aluminum anyway.

Does Everlast Powerarc 140 stick welder comes with any regulator?

No, it doesn't come with a regulator. You may need to install additional fittings to connect the TIG torch to the regulator.

What is the maximum output of this welder?

The maximum output of this welder is 140A (DC).

Final Thoughts

Overall, Everlast Powerarc 140 stick welder is a great choice if you are new to welding. It is powerful, stable, and a solid welder for household projects. That’s all we wanted to tell you in the Everlast Powerarc 140 stick welder review.

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