Everlast PowerMTS 211 Si Multi Process Welder Review

Are you in the search for a multi-process welder that offers all-in-one welding features? Great, Everlast PowerMTS 211 Si multi-process welder can be your option.

Learn why in this Everlast PowerMTs 211 Si multi-process welder review. This highly versatile welder is an excellent option for the hobbyist who needs maximum diversity.

However, it includes a range of features that you’ll surely love. This welder can be used for plenty of jobs, including maintenance, industrial works, fabrication purpose, auto bodywork, etc. Read on to know why we choose this.

2019 Everlast Power Equipment PowerMTS 211Si MIG TIG Stick 200amp 110v/220v Multi Process new Welder
  • MULTI-PROCESS WELDING UNIT: New and improved, multi-process welding unit with a digital inverter that provides ideal power and versatility in welding; Ability to use TIG, MIG, and stick metals for added versatility in the workplaces and projects to be completed
  • MIG SPECIFICS: Synergic or standard MIG operation and features adjustable MIG waveform control to fine tunes arc characteristics; 15 series MIG gun with 10-foot cable and European style quick connect fitting; Maximum rated MIG amps: 240 volts at 200 amps / 120 volts at 125 amps
  • TIG SPECIFICS: High-frequency start and lift modes for TIG and adjustable TIG up and downslope controls to control end of welding cycle; 26 series TIG torch with 12-foot cable and 35 series DINSE-style connected and included foot pedal; Maximum rated TIG amps: 240 volts at 200 amps / 120 volts at 125 amps
  • STICK SPECIFICS: Arc force control adjustments allow the user to dial in desired Stick welding performance; Stick electrode holder with 10-foot table and 35 series DINSE-style connecter; Maximum rated Stick amps: 240 volts at 175 amps / 120 volts at 100 amps
  • CONVENIENT FEATURES: Features an exclusive 9-channel memory function that allows users to store favorite settings for simple set-up; Includes argon regulator, started consumable TIG kit (no tungsten included), spare contact tips, and drive roll v groove 0.023-inch to 0.030-inch; Adjustable pre/post flow for TIG and MIG operation to improve overall weld quality by reducing porosity

Highlights of Everlast PowerMTS 211 Si Multi-Process Welder

Everlast PowerMTS 211SiEverlast PowerMTS 211 Si welder is indeed a robust performer. Along with lots of useful features, it offers flawless and incredible performance. As compared to most other welders, this one is cheaper and can play a different type of role.

Versatile Welder

One of the top reasons for choosing this welder is its incredible versatility. This all-rounder welder can perform almost any type of welding. Whether it is beat MIG, TIG weld, synergic MIG, or pulse welding, this welder can do anything with ease.

This flexible welder features a pulse function to combine several welding processes. Its unique digital synergic MIG function adjust wire speed while voltage increases or decreases. Also, this helps to generate smooth and stable weld beads.

Digital Operation

Everlast PowerMTS 211 Si operates in a digital way to monitor all the adjustments. It performs all other changes when needed. This welder offers a digital IGBT inverter for enhanced flexibility. Also, it includes maximum wire speed up to 610IPM.

Dual Ability Input

The Everlast PowerMTS 211 Si is powered by either 110V or 220V DC power. Along with this, it features a 35% duty cycle at 200amps. You can perform different welding tasks with several input sources.Everlast PowerMTS 211Si MIG TIG Stick 200amp

Easy TIG Use

While most other TIG welding is difficult to use, this welder offers an easy TIG welding option. Thanks to its high-frequency and life start. This option allows you to choose between touchless or lift start in TG mode. You can now easily handle welder in TG mode.

Great Memory Function

Unlike most welder, this machine allows you to store and recall the essential metrics. You can now perform lots of jobs within a short time. It’s an excellent tool for those who need to perform repetitive tasks.

This welder allows you to save up to 9 different programs. Hence, you can perform any jobs with saved settings. All you need to do is to start the switch and start welding.

Energy Efficiency

Everlast PowerMTS 211 Si comes with an inverter technology that allows the optimization of power output. It consumes minimum power, even offering the best output. You can now save a lot in electricity bills while making quality welds.

Everlast PowerMTS 211Si Multi Process Welder

What We Liked

  • It ensures maximum output
  • Versatile
  • The synergic function makes welding easier
  • It produces smooth and stable weld drops
  • Easy to use digital control
  • Dual power input for use at home or the mechanic or the worksite
  • It assures noise-free operation
  • Welded multiple metals including stainless steel, steel, and aluminum
  • Easy HF TIG start and lift start
  • Digital inverter for added versatility
  • Operator-friendly panel

What We Didn’t Like

  • Seems heavy compared to other welders
  • Power setting chart is not included
  • Operating manual seems unclear

Who Should Have This?

If you are in a budget though need a welder, you should buy Everlast PowerMTS multi-process welder. Also, the expert welder who looks for increasing their possibilities, it’s an excellent choice for them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can this Everlast PowerMTS welder perform TIG welding with aluminum?

Though it’s an all-rounder welding gear, still Everlast cannot weld aluminum. In case you are wondering why! Let us tell you; this welder runs on DC power. However, a welder must need AC power to perform TIG welding on aluminum.

Does Everlast PowerMTS 211 Si Welder operate in manual-mode?

Yes. Even after the synergic function, you can switch the handles to manual-mode. Also, you can switch to manual mode from auto mode while feeding the wires.

What kind of output does Everlast PowerMTS offer?

This welder offers a maximum output of 120 amps in MIG or TIG and 90 amps for stick welding at 110V power. In 220V, it provides 220amps in MIG and TIG and 200amps for stick welding.



All in all, Everlast PowerMTS 211 Si multi-process welder is indeed the best welding solution. With a reasonable price and range of features, it beats most other welders in the market. We hope our Everlast PowerMTS 211 Si Multi-process welder review makes your decision easier.

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