Forney 324 190 Amp Multi-Process Welder Review



  • Model: Forney 324
  • Input Power: 120V/230V
  • Power Source: Corded electric
  • Duty Cycle: 25% at 90A in MIG

                     20% at 100A in TIG and 

                     35% at 80A in Stick welding 

  • Amperage Capability: 190A
  • Horsepower: 318
  • Cord length: 15ft
  • Measurement System: Standard
  • Installation Process: TIG, Stick, MIG, and Flux Core
  • Weight: 51.4 pounds

Even after being new in the industry, Forney has got to be one of the best welder manufacturers. Their welding machines are versatile, powerful, and can handle most welding jobs. The Forney 324 190 Amp multi-process welder is no exception. 

Today, we’ll talk more about it in the Forney 324 190 Amp multi process welder review. 

If you are a home-based welder who needs to do different welding jobs, buying more welders may not be in the budget. Luckily, the Forney 324 190 Amp multi-process welder allows doing MIG, TIG, and Stick welding. Also, one can easily switch between welding processes. 

In spite of being 3-in-1 welder, the Forney 190-amp MIG/Stick/TIG multi-process welder saves your money and space. Find out more about it in the Forney 324 190-amp review.

Highlights of the Forney 324 190 Amp Multi-Process Welder

The Forney 190 MP has got some of the amazing features that every welder wants to get. Have a look at these features in detail.

Interesting Features

Let’s start today with some of the exciting features that Forney 190 MP has brought for you. These features somewhat make the welder different than others. Also, it makes sure the user gets good value for their money. The features include;

  • Quick style disconnect torch
  • Extra longer cord
  • Synergic MIG and standard MIG modes
  • Longer torch, gun, and common consumables
  • HD case aluminum

Apart from the above features, the welder supports foot pedal and TIG torch. You have to buy them separately.

Versatile Welding Machine

The Forney 324 190 Amp is mostly known for its versatile nature. As we mentioned, it can perform MIG, TIG, and Stick welding. The welder has a built-in setup for MIG and Stick welding. You have to buy Tungsten inert gas process setup separately for TIG welding. 

This 3-in-1 welding machine supports a wide range of welding processes like flux core welding. It is easy to switch between different welding processes. However, this versatile welder makes sure that you don’t need different machines for a variety of welding projects.

Welding Capacity

The Forney 324 is suitable for welding up to 3/16 inches metal in a single pass. Besides, it can weld up to 3/8 inches thicker metal in a multi-pass. In stick welding, it works very well and can weld up to 5/32 inches with electrodes. 

Inverter Technology

One of the greatest features of this welder is its inverter technology. These features also contribute to making the welder versatile. Also, it saves a lot of power compared to other welding machines. 

Euro Connect MIG gun

Like most other Forney products, the Forney 190 MP also features Euro join MIG gun. It ensures comfortable and time-saving MIG welding. It also allows the welder to switch between MIG gun or torch easily. 

Low Input Power but Higher Output

This is what every welding machine should include DIY welders. The Forney 324 19 Amp can operate at 120V, which is perfect for household current. Even in such low input, it can produce higher output. 

The welder provides a higher duty cycle for each welding process. It delivers a duty cycle of 25% at 90A in MIG, 20% at 100A in TIG, and 35% at 80A in Stick welding. 

Digital Readout

With a digital readout, you can observe its ARC voltage and output current. It also allows the user to handle their data and functions. You’ll hardly get these features in any MIG welders.

Unique Cast Aluminum Drive System

Another great feature we must mention is its cast aluminum drive system. It makes the welder more functional and durable. This feature makes sure you can replace the parts without any hassle. Moreover, it’s upper geared idler ensures better wire feeding. 

What We Liked

  • Versatile
  • Study and functional
  • Easy to operate
  • Excellent quality with solid build
  • Multifunctional
  • Better wire feeding
  • Great value for the money

Things to Improve

  • Wire feed speed knob seems poorly made
  • Not suitable to weld thicker metal or steel higher than ¼”.

Who Should Buy This?

Any regular welder, whether professional or beginner, should buy the Forney 324 190-Amp welder.


How thinnest metal can I weld with this welder?

About 16 gauge.

Is this a gasless MIG welder?

Yes, it can be used as gasless MIG, but there is a port in the back to input inert gas. 

Does this welder come with any wire?

No, it doesn’t. You have to buy it separately.

Final Words

We hope our Forney 324 190 amp multi-process welder review was helpful. All we tried to explain is that the Forney 324 is a multipurpose welding machine. It is packed with so many efficient features that every welder wants to have.