Hobart 500502 Stickmate Welder Review

Stick welder has been around for years due to its reasonable pricing and excellent welding capability. But, most of today’s stick welder doesn’t provide better control over settings. Luckily, with Hobart 500502 Stickmate, you don’t have to face this kind of hitches. 

This Hobart 500502 Stickmate welder review will demonstrate to you why! Hobart 500502 is one of the top performers and with good reasons. The major one is its infinite current control feature. Also, it performs notably in spite of a low price. Read on below to know more.

Hobart 500502 Stickmate 205 AC Stick (SMAW) Arc Welding Power Source
  • Accu-Set amperage indicator for accurately controlling amperage or heat output
  • Infinite current control allows the operator to adjust output by as little as 1-amp increments
  • Forced-draft cooling fan runs continuously and helps to extend the life of the power source

Highlights of Hobart 500502 Stickmate Welder

Hobart Stickmate is excellent workmanship and full of features, and superior performance for which Hobart products are recognized for. Take a look.

Amperage Selection System

Firstly, Hobart Stickmate features an amperage selection system that has infinite current control capability. The operator can adjust the output even by 1-amp increments. It allows enhancing weld time while amperage decreases. 

The welder includes a crank on the front that moves a shun block in and out of the transformer. It helps to create different amperage levels. Also, its amperage selection system lets you choose the best possible setting for your needs.

Amperage Indicator

Hobart Stickemate features an exclusive Acuu-set design along with an amperage indicator. You can monitor amperage or heat output through the indicator. It also allows you to control both accurately.

Forced-Draft Cooling Fan

The Stickmate also comes with a forced-draft cooling fan that operates regularly. This cooling fan runs continuously, and thus it helps to extend the lifetime of the power source. 


Hobart Stickmate welder is designed for welding a variety of materials, including steel, stainless steel, and cast iron. With high power, it provides better welding results than others. 

Easy To Set Up

Hobart Stickmate welder includes stringer clamps that you need to connect to the end of cables. It comes with factory-prepared cables. Hence, you don’t have to bother about using the welder. It is as simple as that, the only plugin, and it is ready to go. 

What Else It Comes With?

First of all, Hobart Stickmate comes with a long cable that lets you move around. You don’t have to unplug the cable while using it. It has a 15-foot long electrode cable and 10-foot long work clamp.

Then, it includes a standard welder plug, which is attached to a 5-foot long and heavy cord. The Hobart Stickmate 205 box also includes a hex wrench. It comes handy when you need to install the stringer cable into the stringer handle. 

What We Liked

  • Impressive versatility
  • Provides excellent power and good results
  • Compact design
  • Moderate weight and portable
  • Excellent current control
  • Stable amperage and arc
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy-to-understand instructions
  • High life expectancy
  • Affordable

What We Didn’t Like

  • Not suitable for welding aluminum
  • Max. output range still small compared to other similar welders

Who Should Buy This?

Hobart Stickmate welder is designed for those who require precise control in the current. Using instruction is also too easy. So, both experts and beginners can easily use this welder.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Hobart 500502 Stickmate is a single phase machine?

Yes, it is a 240 volts single phase machine. The machine responds well, and it keeps a little weld puddle.

Will Hobart 500502 Stickmate plug into a dryer plug?

No, it will not. This welder requires a 50amp or 220V plug. For your information, usually, a dryer outlet includes four wires. Among them, two hots are out of phase and generate 220V, a neutral for the electronics, and a ground for safety. The wiring is rated for 30amps only. That's why the welder requires a plug with three wires.

Can Hobart Stickmate be set up for TIG welding?

No, it's a rod welder. Still, you can do this differently. Switch the stringer and ground clamp. Then attach your TIG rig to the stringer. You cannot perform TIg welding with a short duty cycle. It means you can weld for a couple of minutes and rest for five minutes and then do again.


Made with Hobart quality and durability, the Stickmate welder is Hobart’s popular welder and is an excellent value. We hope our Hobart 500502 Stickmate welder review helps you to make a decision.

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