Miller Electric Maxstar TIG Welder Review

Miller Electric is one of the reputed brands in the welding industry with years of experience. They truly understand what a welder wants. Among a range of top-of-the-line products, Miller Electric Maxstar TIG welder is one of their excellent addition. 

This Miller Electric Maxstar TIG welder review will tell you more about this outstanding welder. Maxstar 150 STL is great quality for which Miller Electric is known for. 

With plenty of useful features, it will surely take your welding skills to a professional level. Take a look at its distinct features and know how it stands top.

TIG Welder, DC, Maxstar 150 STL, 115/230VAC
  • It has dc inverter with lift arc features
  • Stick, TIG application
  • Welded material: steel
  • Type: DC

Highlights of Miller Electric Maxstar TIG Welder

Miller Electric Maxstar is one of the most versatile and portable welders in the market. In addition to TIG and stick welding capabilities, it includes a number of unique features. Read on below to know them.

Impressive Versatility

The Miller Electric Maxstar offers both TIG and stick welding. It can weld several metals in dual functionality. The best part is, you can simply switch between one welding techniques through its STL 150 interface. It makes the welder flexible for small welding projects.

Dual Voltage with Multi-Voltage Plug

Multi-Voltage Plug (MVP) features are one of the reasons for which Miller Electric Maxstar 150 STL is a popular choice. The welder runs on either 115V or 230V. This MVP lets you switch between 115V and 230V without using any additional tools.

With a power supply of 115V and Maxstar 150 STL, you can do plenty of home projects. Whenever you need to switch to 230v to consume all 150A, MVP can help you here.

Easy Controls

Regardless of the advanced features, Miller Electric Maxstar 150 STL offers easy control. You can easily adjust the settings when needed. The unit includes two control knobs on the front panel.

The first one is a big knob to control the amperage that ranges from 15-150A. The rest control is a process selector that allows you to switch between TIG and stick.

Remote Fingertip Control

Unlike most welders, Maxstar 150 STL offers remote control of fingertip and foot pedal. Its fingertip control is attached with TIG torch through two hooks. It also allows you to control amperage by using the scroll wheel. 

Thermal Overload Indicator

Another unique feature in Maxstar 150 STL is the thermal overload indicator. It comes handy when the machine becomes too hot. The thermal overload indicator alerts the user while the welder is approaching thermal overload. By this time, the protector allows the welder to shut down immediately.

Internal Cooling Technology

For the sake of the welder’s safety, Miller Electric Maxstar 150 STL also features an internal cooling system. It has fan-on-demand technology that turns on an internal fan when needed. 

We like this feature for any reason. This internal cooling technology minimizes noise and reduces energy consumption. It also lowers the number of dust that the machine pulls while working. 

Weldcraft TIG torch

Weldcraft TIG torch is another distinct and useful feature of these welders. Its 12.5-foot heavy-duty lead allows you to move freely. The TIG torch features a diamond grip head design. It will enable you to work comfortably without hand fatigue. 

Moreover, its ribbed handle ensures better airflow to keep your hand cool. Overall, it provides better flexibility for enhanced comfort and control. 


Where other TIG welding machines are bulky, Miller Electric Maxstar 150 STL stands out. It has a relatively smaller dimension and less weight. That is why it is easy to move with this welder. 

You can use it in your worksite without affecting the performance. Moreover, it includes a comfortable grip handle for ease of transportation. 

What Else It Comes With?

The Miller Electric Maxstar TIG welder includes lots of accessories for all welding needs. It includes a protective case, a clamp, a clamp electrode holder, nozzles, and a hammer brush. With all this, it offers excellent value for the money.

What We Liked

  • Multifunctional
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Multi-voltage plug for easy switching
  • Offers quiet operation
  • Adjustable intensity
  • Easy control
  • Portable generator
  • User-friendly interface
  • Thermal overload protection

What We Didn’t Like

  • Doesn’t comes with any foot pedal
  • Cannot weld aluminum
  • Costly

Who Should Buy This?

The Miller Electric Maxstar 150 STL is an excellent option for those who look for a long-lasting option. Also, this welder is designed for professional use.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Does The Miller Electric Maxstar 150 STL come with a manual gas valve on the torch?

No. The welder includes a built-in valve. It opens as long as the user touches the tungsten on the base metal.

Is Miller Electric Maxstar TIG welder includes scratch start?

No. It includes a lift or touches start. It means when you touch the tungsten, it senses the closed circuit and starts the power off.

Can Miller Electric Maxstar weld aluminum?

No, because it works on DC only. It requires AC to weld aluminum.

Final Thoughts

All in all, Miller Electric Maxstar TIG welder is a professional-quality, portable, and durable welder. It’s a must-have. However, before owning one, make sure you read this Miller Electric Maxstar TIG welder review.

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