Save Phace Black Asp Gen X Welding Mask Review

Save Phace is always the top choice among fashion-conscious people. Whether it is design or functional capability, Save Phace can beat most other brands. The Save Phace Black Asp Gen X welding mask is one of the great examples of it. 

The Save Phace Asp Gen X is best for people whose primary concern is getting a clear view. This mask offers more than a welding helmet into its lightweight body. You’ll get to know more from this Save Phace black Asp gen X welding mask review.

Save Phace 3010059 Black Asp Gen X Welding Mask
  • 180 Degree ADF holder lens (shade #10)
  • High quality ADF fixed shade 3/10 with a 2 year warranty
  • World's 2Nd largest viewing area (23 square inches)
  • 9 point high quality adjustable halo headgear with replaceable sweat absorbent headband
  • Awesome helmet bag

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Highlights of Save Phace 3010059 Black Asp Gen X Welding Mask

With a large viewing area, optics, comfort, etc. Save Phace is there to help you carry on welding jobs. Please take a look at what it offers. 

Extra-Large Viewing Area

The main attraction of most Save Phace welding helmet is its extra-large viewing area. Its 23 sq. inch viewing window allows you to keep an eye on the working area. You’ll be glad to know that the helmet has the world’s 2nd largest viewing area, among other helmets.

Automatic Shading Function

The welding mask features a 180o ADF holder lens with shade #10. This multi-shade lens offers automatic darkening or lightening for the ease of viewing. If an ARC or bright light activates it, the sensor will automatically darken the lens. 

It goes to shade #10 at darkening mode. Elsewise, the sensors set the lens to shade #3 in standard mode. In standard mode, the mask is suitable for grinding. In short, the lens tends to change between shade #3 to #10 according to the situation. 


Now let’s talk about its build-quality. The Save Phace Black Asp Gen is crafted with hard plastic. The reason for using hard plastic is, the mask won’t melt even after heavy welding. Other poor plastic-made helmets easily melt when you are doing heavy welding above ½”. Thankfully, the Save Phace Black Asp Gen will not. 

Also, the killer graphics outside the mask are elegant and unique. It may not be very flexible, but the durability it provides is distinct from others. Overall, this black-colored helmet doesn’t compromise with its build-quality at all. 

Comfortable Fit

One of the unique features of the Save Phace black Asp gen is its headgear design. It comes with a standard halo designed headgear that offers 9 points of adjustments. That means this one size helmet is fit for all. You can adjust it on the head according to your head size. 

The headgear also includes replaceable sweat absorbent headband. It absorbs sweat so well that you don’t need to wear a bandana. You can replace it when needed. Lastly, it provides optimal airflow to ensure comfort and breathability. 


The weight does matter most in the case of a welding helmet. It has to be lightweight as you’ll be wearing it for long. Thankfully, the black Ask gen comes with 2lbs weight. 

It may heavy compared to other 1lbs helmets. But, you won’t feel the extra weight at all because of the support from the headgear. 

Additional Features

Along with all the black Asp gen features tightening knobs to tighten the mask. Though it tends to lose frequently, yet there is a solution to it. You can add Teflon tape on each know to fix the problem. Besides, it features low-battery warning, grind-flash indicator, and delay controls. 

What We Liked

  • Integrated ADF lens
  • Adjustable shade setting
  • Offers wide viewing area
  • Better airflow for breathability
  • Lightweight
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Stylish design

What We Didn’t Like

  • Somewhat feels heavy while using for an extended period
  • Tends to loosen frequently

Who Should Buy This?

The Save Phace black Asp gen is a mid-range welding helmet. It is best for people who want a helmet with advanced features within the range. The helmet is also suitable for professional use.

Final Words

With all in mind, this black beauty from the Gen-X series is a technologically-advanced option. You can also make upgrades to get the most advantage from it. The Save Phace 3010059 is an extreme eye and face protector. 

That’s all for the Save Phace Black Asp Gen X welding mask review. Stay connected for more!

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