Save Phace Warpig 40-Vizl4 Series Welding Helmet Review

What if you get a welding helmet that looks good and fits well? It is possible if you buy Save Phace Warpig 40-Vizl4 welding helmet. This fantastic helmet has a lot to love at first glance. We’ll tell you more in this Save Phace Warpig 40-Vizl4 series welding helmet review. 

Save Phace may not be as big as Lincoln or Miller, but they are well-known for their high-quality helmets. Individually, the Warpig 40-Vizl4 is leading the queue for its high-quality features. You’ll get everything needed for your job at a really affordable price. Here goes.

Save Phace 3011704 Warpig 40-Vizl4 Series Welding Helmet
  • World's largest viewing area of over 40 sq. Inches
  • World's 1ST and only 4"x4" ADF integrated into a 180 Degree welding lens
  • World's fastest Protective lens change system
  • New articulating multi point adjustable halo headgear
  • Cheater lens compatible

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Highlights of Save Phace Warpig 40-Vizl4 Series Welding Helmet

Save Phace Warpig 40-Vizl4 is excellent for users who are concerned about complete protection. Let’s find out what else it offers for the operators.

Oversized Viewing Area

To start with, Save Phace helmets are famous for its extra-large viewing area. Save Phace Warpig 40-Vizl4 welding helmet is not an exception. It comes with the world’s largest viewing area of 40 sq. Inches. This is what sets it apart from others.

Moreover, the Warpig 40-Vizl4 is the only helmet that has a 4″×4″ ADF included in a 180o welding lens. Shockingly, it is the 1st helmet in the world with this feature.

Variable Shading

The Warpig 40-Vizl4 is equipped with ADF technology to provide you the advanced control features. It features variable shades ranging from 9 to 13 in a dark state. Conversely, it is fixed at light shade #4 in a light state. 

These variable shades give you the options and versatility in work. It works fully automatically and gives you better shade control. Also, its auto-darkening feature successfully emits high-intensity radiation to protect the welder’s eyes.

Its automatic lens has optical clarity of 1/1/1/2. The helmet also has the fastest protective lens change system. Besides, it comes with a flex-fit front pocket lens.

High Build-Quality

This low profile welding helmet is crafted with high-heat nylon. The material of the helmet is so sturdy that it can withstand severe welding conditions. Its narrow design allows fitting the helmet well around the face. 

Even after that, it offers the comfort you needed while welding. It also features better airflow than most other helmets. On top of that, we like its excellent graphics similar to other Save Phace helmets. 

Comfortable Fit

Like other Save Phace helmets, it also comes with a halo design headgear. This articulating multi-point adjustable headgear offers a snug fit at the most head size. 


The Save Phace Warpig 40-Vizl4 weighs only about 23oz. It is relatively lightweight than most Save Phace helmets. The user won’t feel any extra weight while working. 

Additional Features

The solar cell powers this high-quality welding helmet. It has a switching time of 0.08 milliseconds at 23C. The helmet also includes two sensors to provide you the optimum security. It has a separate grinding mode to perform grinding. 

This low-profile helmet also features settings like delay controls and sensitivity. It let you know the battery status with its low-battery indicator. The Warpig 40-Vizl4 is suitable for grinding, MIG, TIG, and Stick welding.

What We Liked

  • Extra-large viewing area
  • Lightweight
  • Better airflow for comfort
  • Wonderful graphics
  • Adjustable shades
  • Fully-automatic power controls
  • Heavy-duty design
  • Great for industrial welding
  • Low price

What We Didn’t Like

  • ADF filter seems poor-quality
  • Not so durable

Who Should Buy This?

Considering the design and graphics, the Warpig 40-Vizl4 is suitable for DIY specialists and students. It is also a perfect choice for professional users. 

Final Words

In the end, you’ll definitely love to buy the Save Phace Warpig 40-Vizl4 welding helmet. It will give you the comfort, fastest shading response, more accuracy in sensing arc, and more. 

The best part is, you don’t have to spend more than 100 to buy this. Hence, it’s a solid deal for today’s welders!

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