Sun Gold Power 200A Stick Welder Review

Buying a welding machine is challenging as it requires massive investment. Hence, you should make sure you are investing in the right product. Luckily, SUN GOLD POWER 200A stick welder excels everywhere. 

This stick welder is incredibly versatile and offers the most economical welding. We suggest you read the Sun Gold Power 200A stick welder review before buying a welding machine. Let’s get started!

SUNGOLDPOWER ARC MMA 200A Welder Dual 110V 220V IGBT Hot Start Welding Machine DC Inverter Welder 200 AMP LCD Anti-Stick
  • Please Note: some cheaper welders are only about 7-10lbs, looks like a toy; however, SUNGOLDPOWER welder is heavier than others, because SUNGOLDPOWER welder is full-bridge welder (many cheap welders are half bridge welder), we use more high quality components to support its perfect working and long-life time.
  • 2.Advanced control module IGBT dual 110V and 220V, improves the performance of the welding machine. IGBT MMA welder adopting advanced full bridge IGBT inverter technology
  • 3. Anti-sticking preventing against over loading the unit easing removal of the electrode,thermostatic control,fan cooled carrying strap and handle.
  • 4. Hot start, arc force overload protection:over-voltage protection, under voltage protection, over current protection, over load protection
  • 5. Supplied complete with AC Plug,electrode holder and cable, earth clamp and cable, Complete package.

Highlights of SUNGOLDPOWER ARC MMA 200A Stick Welder

Whether you need a welder for MMA stick or gas-shielded welding, Sun Gold Power stick welder has it all. It is one of the best welding machines that give you a decent weld. 

Advanced Technology

Sun Power Gold stick welder offers advanced full-bridge IGBT inverter technology. This inverter technology provides a level of arc stability. It ensures a higher inverter efficiency of up to 85%. This stick welder is more power-saving than the most traditional welder. 

Dual Voltage

This highly rated welder can use both 220V and 110V power inputs. It is capable of welding a variety of materials due to its dual voltage capabilities. From welding mild steel to stainless steel, it can do anything with ease.

LED Display

Unlike most welder, Sun Gold Power 200A stick welder comes with an LED display. It’s an excellent addition for any welder, as you can see how the welder is working. It helps you to keep an eye to the welder; hence, you don’t outwork it. 

Adjustable Wire Feed Speed

The welder has another excellent feature, which is its adjustable wire feed. It gives you better control over the rate of feeding the wire through the welding gun. 


Sun Gold Power 200A stick welder is famous for its excellent versatility. It is able to weld all kinds of ferrous metals, including medium carbon steel, alloy steel, low carbon steel, etc.

Safety Features

With the quality protection mechanism, it ensures the welder is working in the best condition. It also protects the person who is operating it. Its unique anti-sticking properties assure that overloading doesn’t happen.

It also makes the removal of electrodes easier and protects against thermostatic control. This welder integrates overloads and current protection, under and over-voltage protection.

Selector Switch

Most importantly, the Sun Gold Power 200A stick welder is that it can weld aluminum using a spool gun. You need to buy the spool gun separately. Besides, it comes with a selector switch. It makes the swapping of welding guns easier for welding different metals.

What We Liked

  • It can be used to weld stainless steel, aluminum, mild steel, etc.
  • Comes with an adjustable wire feed speed
  • Able to use outside and rusty metals
  • Offers both gas and non-gas welding
  • Safe to use
  • Includes a handle for easy carry
  • Energy-efficiency
  • Versatile
  • Good value for the money

What We Didn’t Like

  • Doesn’t come with spool gun for aluminum welding
  • Cable seems shorter

Who Should Buy This?

The SUNGOLDPOWER 200A stick welder is made in a lightweight profile, and the price is also reasonable. If you are looking for a full-bridge welder at an affordable price, this welder is an excellent option for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can this welder work with the 20Amp outlet?

With dual voltage, it can work with either 220V or 110V. Whether you are working with 220V or 110V, it works excellently with the 20Amp outlet.

Is Sun Gold Power ARC MMA 200A Welder an AC or DC?

Actually, it is a DC welder, but you can plug into AC as well. When you plug it into AC, and it is converted to DC and again inverted to AC at a higher frequency. Then finally, it will be rectified. That is why it is called DC inverter welder.

Should I use a DC rod or AC rod with this arc welder?

Not really. It is basically a DC welder, so you should only use a DC rod.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are looking to finish your DIY project or professional business, SUNGOLDPOWER stick welder is an incredible choice. You can now create high-quality items easily and repair metals with superior efficiency. That’s all for our Sun Gold Power 200A stick welder review. We hope to hear about your experience.

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